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Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is placed between gondia region and bhandara area of Maharashtra. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is in the arms of nature and it is enhanced with a pleasant scene, rich vegetation and serves as a living outside historical center to investigate and acknowledge nature. This haven has 166 types of bird,a number of fish, 36 types of reptiles, 34 types of warm blooded animals, and four types of creatures of land and water. The invertebrate fauna incorporates, other than various bugs and ground dwelling insect species. Wild creatures found here are the tiger, sambar, nilgai, buffalo, wild pig, cheetal, woofing dear, sloth bears,wild pooches and dhole. Almost 30,000 vacationers visits this asylum yearly. Wild creatures to spot are the tiger, puma, buffalo, sambar, nilgai, chital, wild pig, sloth bear and wild puppy. There are likewise tigers, jaguars and one elephant named Rupa.

It is home of numerous jeopardized species. The vertebrate fauna incorporates, other than various fishes, around 34 types of well evolved creatures, around 166 types of winged animals including transitory land and water fowls, around 36 types of reptiles and around 4 types of amphibia. This asylum is striking for its abundance of winged creatures and is in fact a feathered creature watcher's heaven. The zoological estimations of this asylum are quickly given underneath.

About 34 – types of well evolved creature fitting in with around 8 characteristic requests and 16 families are seen in this asylum, out of which around 14 species are of jeopardized status - Panther, Tiger, little Indian civet, wilderness feline, wolf, palm civet, sloth bear, jackal, flying titan squirrel Ratel, Four horned impala, gaur, pangolin, mouse deer

This asylum comprise around 36 types of reptiles having a place with 2 common requests and 11 families out of which around 6 species are of imperiled status in particular Indian Dhaman, Rock Python, Russels snake, Indian Cobra, Common Monitor, Checkered Keelback.

This natural life Sanctuary is just 22 km. far from Sakoli on the NH No. 6 (Bombay – Calcutta) which passes through Sakoli. The asylum is arranged at the separation of around 60 km from District Headquarter Gondia and 60 km. far from District Headquarter Bhandara. The Nearest transport stand is at Sakoli & Tirora .

Closest track stations are Bhandara Road 50 km,gondia 25 km, Tirora 20 km,soundad 20 km.

The closest air terminal is Nagpur 120 km and Gondia for private planes.

To know all the more about Nagzira Tiger reserve
Tiger seeing his prey at nagzira

wild buffalo at Nagzira 

Tiger sighting at Nagzira
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